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2016CBBA China fitness exhibition launch ceremony was held at the Holiday Inn Pudong Hotel
Shanghai Jiadong Industrial in DOMOTEX
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EPDM granules, EPDM powder, EPDM particles,sports floor, rubber floor, gym floor,rubber underlay
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design DIY order carpet floor
Sound and shock-absorbing,Easy and quick to pave 360 fitness equipment training floor
EPDM Rubber flooring, EPDM roll, EPDM mat
100% Synthetic Colored EPDM Rubber, Width 1.22m or 1.25m, thickness 3mm-12mm, length 10-20m or as request.
rubber floor, gym floor, fitness floor, dumbbell mat, rubber mat
Sound-absorbing, sound insulation; Keeping the floor dry fast; Safe
Acrylic flooring, Spu flooring, Acrylic court, Spu court
Acrylic sports flooring, Acrylic court, Spu sports flooring, Spu court
rubber flooring, hospital floor, ship floor, school floor,metro rubber floor, bus rubber floor
rubber flooring, hospital rubber flooring, hotel rubber flooring, airport rubber flooring, metro rubber flooring, super market rubber flooring,power plant rubber flooring
interlocking rubber floor, rubber tile
SBR Rubber, or black with 10-100% EPDM fleck, 1000*1000mm, 600*600mm, 500*500mm, thickness 2mm-12mm
Rubber acousitc underlay, foam underlay, cork underlay
JIADONG Rubber underlay is made of rubber granules and rubber foam with PU binder, manufactured from 100% recycled or diverted landfill rubber, i.e. prime rubber manufacturing waste and car tires with a proportion of binding agent.
Rubber Flooring,rubber roll, EPDM roll, rubber sheet, rubber mat,rubber carpet, gym flooring
SBR Rubber, or black with 10-100% EPDM fleck, Width 1.22m or 1.25m, thickness 2mm-12mm, length 10-20m or as request.