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Shanghai Jiadong Industrial Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the research of civil, commercial, sports and construction engineering products, with many years of practical production and construction experience.

"Heaven rewards diligence, humanity and business rewards sincerity". Jiadong is the benchmark enterprise of shangyun, the founder of the flooring cloud platform and the 3A credit enterprise.

EDPM particles, e-tpu popcorn particles, acrylic floor paint, silicon Pu sports floor system, EPDM floor tiles, floor mats, rolls, glue, jigsaw, martial arts mats and other products produced by the company are widely used in building decoration, packaging and transportation, sports, municipal gardens, transportation, cultural education, medical and health care, agriculture and animal husbandry, exhibition, advertising and performance industries. The company has passed a number of domestic and international certification, and is an excellent partner of Engineering traders and cross-border e-commerce.

Our products popular at home and abroad, and are well received by our customers.


Jiadong is a private enterprise with a strong sense of innovation. Many years of hard work has accumulated excellent corporate culture for the company and created a unique corporate soul. This precious spiritual wealth is the internal power to promote the continuous development and expansion of Jiadong enterprise. Today, in the face of changes in the internal and external environment of the enterprise, Jiadong actively complies with the new normal of the economy, implements the concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open and shared development", adheres to the tenet of "science and technology leading, innovation and growth", takes "innovation, business, principle and trustworthiness" as the guiding principle, closely cooperates with Jiadong's strategic direction, and makes a profound reflection and system on Jiadong culture Combing and forming a new corporate culture system. "Mission, vision, values, development philosophy and enterprise spirit"
Mission - it embodies the lofty responsibility of Jiadong as the industry innovation leading enterprise, and is the internal driving force of Jiadong's sustainable development.
Vision -- describes the ideal blueprint for which all Jiadong are striving, and is the pursuit that Jiadong must establish to fulfill its solemn mission.
Values are the core of culture, which are the values and basic beliefs that we must believe in and stick to.
Development concept is the general principle guiding Jiadong's operation and management activities, and the management philosophy that must be abided by if it fails to fulfill its mission and realize its vision.
Enterprise spirit -- it is the team temperament and spirit style that Jiadong should have, and it is the extension of Jiadong's values at the level of employees' thoughts and behaviors.